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Reviews From Students

The instructor was extremely helpful and answered as many questions as I could ask. very helpful and informative!

This course was more than I expected and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable. It’s obvious that she loves her job 🙂

The only thing that I did not like about the coarse was, the small print on the slides and in the manual. The areas that are described should be magnified for easy interpretation. CB Burcham is an easy instructor to understand and I appreciate her honesty.

The class was very informative; a lot of information! Bernadette answered our many questions and also gave examples and personal experiences to help us understand better. The only reason for the “good” on slide rating is because some of the screen (and manual) print was very small – difficult to read.

Our instructor, Bernadette Burcham, offered a very comfortable learning environment and interacted with ease, respect, and patience to each student attending. It was very clear that she has a vast knowledge base and expertise in the subjects being taught. Thank you Bernadette!

Good material and in-lightening instructions

Bernadette, is a very knowledgable Ebay person. She is also able to transfer this knowledge to her students, as well as her enthusiam for the business.

Our instructor was very attentive to the need and experience of her audience. She was very patient and through with her lecture as to abide by the eBay guidelines with her PowerPoint presentation, etc.. She presented the material in a very organized, precise, and personal manner that everyone could understand and relate. I give her a 5+++++ rating. I enjoyed the course very much. orthodad

Absolutely loved the class, I was looking to up my game for my Ebay presence. Bernadette has so many answers to my questions, and boy I asked a ton. All points were covered, the interaction was great, she even gave me great pointers on my listings with suggestions to put the pump on my sales. I would say, if you are ready for the next step – find a great teacher and go, go, go. When the student is ready, the master appears. Thanks so much Bernadette for your experience, and for being just you. I am on my way!!!

It would have been nice if the workbook were able to be followed with the presentation. The workbook needs to be revised.

Took this class for the second time because the first one I took in 2010 was so good! Bernadette knows the science and art of eBay. As an instructor she is patient and open to questions. Highly Recommend this class to anyone interested working with the most sucessful online auction on the planet. Thank you so much, Bernadette.

 "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." -- Albert Einstein
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

So much information! Just what I needed to help me decide whether or not ebay selling is for me. Thanks so much!

My wife and I had a very enjoyable and productive afternoon with a superior and gifted instructor for this course. We both feel that we have received a solid foundation to begin our Ebay business career.

I came to learn about selling on e-bay and I learned alot. Bernadette was excellant. Coming in I knew nothing about ebay. I was given instruction and ideas that have given me a good start. And a solid foundation of information to build on. Thanks Bernadette. And Thanks EBay.

Very pleasant and informative!

I accomplised what I needed to help me with Ebay.

Only portion that was not necessary for me were the slides on Ebay's history – otherwise, everything was valuable. I think getting the book is a must.

Bernadette was great – she really takes the time to explain everything and clearly is passionate about using Ebay.

I have not gotten started yet, but feel I have had a great course for the groundwork and have a great resource in Bernadette.

Met the needs of the class on from the advanced levels as well as the beginner. Was not stuck on a routine and was able to flow with all levels of students to enable a comfortable learning experience for all. If you are considering this class I highly recommend Bernadette as your instructor.

Instructor very knowledgeable, enjoyed the class!

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
― Jim Rohn

Bernadette, you are fabulous! Lots to learn but you are very patient. I knew I wasn't even close to what all I needed to know to be a successful seller. You proved that to me. I hope I can make u proud of me some day with your teaching skills. Thanks, Gloria

Bernadette is enthusiastic about her eBay activities, and that has inspired me to begin selling. She answered questions we had, provided tips from her own experience, and all in all, made the afternoon a good beginning to a new business adventure. Thanks, Bernadette.

Outstanding class

Bernadette was very helpful and made the information easy to understand. I have tried this before in a much larger setting and did not get it. Now I do.

This class breaks down selling on ebay into a non-overwhelming step by step process. Bernadette maintained a professional but relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone.

Great class and one-on-one attention. Definitely worth the time and investment.

It was a small class making for a very close and informative situation.

Bernadette held an informative and interesting class. She answered all of our questions and helped with inquiries on our personal interests. It was a fun and helpful class. Thanks!

Instructor was wonderful! She made the class worth while and I am so thankful that I signed up. Bernadette was extremely knowledgable, professional and patient in answering every one of the many questions that students asked. I highly recommend this instructor!

Class was enjoyable and learned a great deal. Thank you.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement, nothing can be done without hope and confidence." -- Helen Keller
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement, nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” — Helen Keller

As a newby, this was very, very valueable. Course was at a moderate pace so that everything could be understood.

I learned things that I absolutely had not known ahead of time! Very useful information.

Excellent presentation. Lots of real world ebay examples.

Bernadette presented the class in a clear, concise and easy going manner. For one that views selling on Ebay as next to rocket science, I came way knowing I could not only sell on Ebay but could successfully find my place in this genre. She was open to all questions and supported the class instruction with her own professional experiences which proved helpful. I look forward to the next class.

Bernadette was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about selling and buying on ebay. The class was very informative and each step was broken down into easy to follow instructions. She was able to answer all questions we had and target areas most relevant to us that day. Lots of valuable advice plus a contact for future questions we may have as we start selling and buying. Excellent class, would recommend to anybody wanting to learn more about ebay.

Seasoned instructor; she knows the program; well laid out program. I'll be attending her other advanced classes in the future. Worth my 50 mile drive. A++++ instructor and ebayer.

Due to last minute conflicts by the other students, I ended up being the only class participant. My One-on-One session with Bernadette was great! I'm very much a visual learner, not a book reader. Show me how to do something and it sticks. The class had plenty of opportunity for this aspect of learning. I've been an eBay member for 10 years as a buyer. I think there is no better online venue. I'm looking forward now to begin selling!

Look forward to follow-up class after I've sold a few things on-line via eBay and set up a store.

Finally an Ebay course that was worth taking. It gave me the courage to start my own sales on Ebay and have someone to contact if I have some issues. The trainers, dear Bernadette and her husband put me at ease to ask questions and enjoy myself. It was a relaxed atmosphere. Good job. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely Claire Thevenz

Bernadette presented the facts in an orderly and understandable format. She provided helpful examples on different ways to sell on eBay. I am looking forward to attending another class and getting my eBay business started.

Clearly, she really cares about the needs of her students. A very dedicated and knowledgeable instructor.

“The things that change your life are: the people you meet, the classes you take, and the books you read.”
“The things that change your life are: the people you meet, the classes you take, and the books you read.”
― Jim Rohn

The atmosphere was very comfortable and relaxed. The instructor was very knowledgeable easy to talk with. She has a good grasp of the overall eBay operation.

Answered all questions. Good pace. Very informative.

The small class gave us the chance to “tailor” the materials and questions to our needs while following the topics list. She gave a wonderful class and really knew her “ebay stuff”!

Bernadette was very informative, personable and professional.

Class was held for me even though I was the only student. Instructor was very helpful and easy to understand. It was a delight to meet her.

Bernadette provided a relaxed, learning experience. Definitely time well spent!

Of course the class was a little technically overwhelming for someone just starting. However, the instructor could not have been any better than she was. She covered the technical points in a manner that was understandable but, even better, she was always willing to stop and address questions until the student had a good understanding of the point(s) in question. She did not try and rush through any item in question but took whatever time was necessary to make sure I understood. For anyone just starting on Ebay they couldn't possibly find a better way to start than with Bernadette as their instructor. If a person does not succeed it will certainly be to no fault of the instructor. I plan to take as many classes with her as possible.

Bernadetta was very pleasent person and offered much insight.

Bernadette was very knowledgeable and answered a lot of my questions. She gave me a lot of information to start off my ebay business. I was happy to attend her class

Burnedette is an excellent instructor. She knows what she is talking about and makes it easy to understand and follow. I enjoyed taking the class from her. She is personable and very thorough in her teaching practices.

Use any excuse you can use to feel good - and watch what happens. ~ Abraham Hicks
Use any excuse you can use to feel good – and watch what happens. ~ Abraham Hicks

Very thorough! Bernadette went above and beyond to help us and answer our questions. We will be using her in the future.

Great course. Covers all the basics. The instructor was very knowledgeable and did not mind answering questions. I highly recommend her and the course.

Bernadette did an excellent job of communicating her expertise to us She is approachable and gave me a feeling of truly wanting to share her experiences with us. I will take more courses with her and highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn about eBay. Thank you, Bernadette, for opening new windows for me. Pat Wynn

She is very knowledgeable & thorough. Her style is very helpful in understanding the material.

Bernedette made the class very interesting and informative. I walked away knowing that I could become a ebay seller. She covered every area very well. I would highly recommend her to anyone even if they had not ever used ebay.

Bernadette is a real jewel to Ebay! I learned so much and gleaned from her experience. Would recommend to anyone wanting to start selling on EBAY. I plan on attending the next class. Her teaching style was awesome and she was so knowledgeable and answered each of our questions. Thanks Ebay and thank you Bernadette! Sandy

Excellent class! I am so glad that I took this class before I started to sell on ebay.

Instructor was very hands on, and informative. Easy to talk with, willing to spend any amount of time to answer all/any questions. VERY WELL WORTH THE TIME!!!!! Thanks Bernadette!!!!!

Bernadette Burcham is a great instructor. She is very professional. She made the class very interesting by giving her experiences as examples. I recommend her highly.

This class experience was very positive. Bernadette was kind enough to answer many, many questions we had yet kept the course on track. I would highly recommend.

Enjoyed the class! Instructor very knowledgeable.

The class was very informative in a relaxed atmosphere that allowed for good interaction and Q&A. The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Glad I took this class. Bernadette was informative allowed for questions throughout our class time. She has a willingness to help people succeed.

I came to class prepared to snooze; didn't happen!!! Very informative and interesting format. Thanks you, thank you, thank you. Let go and make some money!!!! Jim Foley

Great class!! I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about selling on Ebay. Bernadette gave me everything I needed to start selling on Ebay, all in a very casual, comfortable learning environment.

MarketPlace Adventure is here to show you the Unlimited Possibilities of selling on eBay!
MarketPlace Adventure is here to show you the Unlimited Possibilities of selling on eBay!

She was very thorough. However, there was so much to learn that it has been difficult remember it all. As time goes by, it is becoming easier. Still have a long way to go.

My wife and I had a great time at this class. It was very relaxed and was more of a discussion than a typical presentation. We would definitely recommend Bernadette to anyone considering this business. We will look for future classes with her.

We had so much fun in this class. It was very casual and we were able to ask questions at any time. It was a small setting which was great. We would recommend Bernadette to anyone wanting to get into the e-Bay business. She answered every question we had and never made us feel that any question was DUMB!!! We loved it.

My overall experience was fantastic. I learned valuable information that will assure me of success selling on ebay. My instructor was great and answered all my questions. Thank you

Bernadette Burcham is absolutely awesome. E-Bay may consider her a Power Seller, but I consider Bernadette a Power Instructor! Because I am by nature a little on the reserve-side and consequently, reticent to ask questions in a class, I opted to have Bernadette work with me one-on-one. Although she was a true professional, I found Bernadette to be equally patient, courteous and packaged with a delightful sense-of-humor. Her training expertise in e-Bay philosophy and her gift of making the “how to's” of getting started on E-Bay easy as well as inspirational helped me to truly believe I can be successful and have fun at the same time. Without hesitation, I recommend Bernadette to any individual or group who would like the very best and most delightful training in the basics of selling on eBay!

Bernadette is a very relaxed, enthusiastic teacher that is more than willing to share her knowledge and diverse experience as an Ebay seller. All of our questions were answered thoroughly and in detail when necessary. We feel confident that if we have more questions as we get started she will be there for help and encouragement.

Instructor was not only a trainer but an “inspirator”. First-rate instruction. I particularly enjoyed hearing about her experiences and helping us quickly learn the ropes. Also very personable. Highly recommended.

I was extremely happy with my training and instructors. They were very friendly and went above and beyond to make sure that I was trained properly. They treated my time very seriously and I got so much out of the course. Thanks again

“Excellence begins with the perfection of the basics.” Raytheon
“Excellence begins with the perfection of the basics.” Raytheon

Very well done. Small class so we had the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

The class was very helpful and informative, and our instructor was wonderful with answering questions and giving clear explanations. I feel that I learned a lot and I love having the workbook to look into if and when I need it. Thank-You!!

It was a good basic introduction to getting started for us thanks

Bernadette's class delivery was very thorough. She is confident, patient, and very savvy about eBay. I look forward to working with her in the future. Thank you.

Enthusiastic instructor. Made me go home and put a listing on ebay within minutes. Good Job !!! Excellent training.

Bernadette was extremely patient and helpful…Explained everything in length and instructed me through each phase…Looking forward to advanced classes with her.

Very informative. We hope to get started soon selling on ebay seems so easy now after the class.
We had a great time and learned a lot. We hope to put to use some of what we learned real soon. C.B. gave us a lot of good tips too. We look forward to doing a lot of the things that we learned. Thanks Tommy&Sherry

The instructor was very knowledgeable & a very good communicator. Very likable & willing to help out in the future with any problems we might have. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning more about e-bay. Ellen M.

Very informative and well presented. Worth the 150 miles I travelled.

The instructor has excellent equipment for use at the presentation. I, personally, have little difficulty getting information from a manual. For me this presentation was excellent because of the many comments about using eBay that are not in the manual.